J a v a - H u t - S e r i e s

Change happens. Time lends a hand. People, places and things, come and go. Dynamic transitions from social change and the wrecking ball.

San Francisco's Java Huts are memorialized in these pictures. Temporary Monuments: they characterize San Francisco, identify the historic guts of this town, and portray an era when the waterfront was teeming with a life that was the heart blood of this great city.

These Java Huts are special. They have a unique personality that I wanted to show before time, society or the wrecking ball wipe them out.

"Life is short...Art is long…Java is ubiquitous!"

Richard L. Perri
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Triangle Sandwich Shop©2002 Richard L. Perri
3rd Street
Triangle Sandwich Shop©2002 Richard L. Perri
Triangle Sandwich
Triangle Sandwich Shop©2002 Richard L. Perri
Carmen's©1999 Richard L. Perri
Brain Wash©1999 Richard L. Perri
Brain Wash
Pier 23©1999 Richard L. Perri
Pier 23
Red's Java House©1999 Richard L. Perri
Red's Java House
Walts Diner©1999 Richard L. Perri
Walts Diner
Wolfes Lunch©1999 Richard L. Perri
Wolfes Lunch
© 2002 Richard L. Perri
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